7 Little Words 3.0 and a BIG Thank You!!!

Hello Everyone,

This May we're celebrating two important milestones for 7 Little Words. It's the 4th anniversary of our game, and we've reached the 10,000,000 download mark.

Back in 2010 when I first started prototyping 7 Little Words on the living room floor with a pack of index cards and a marker, I had no idea it would grow to be so successful.

Today our game is available as an app on almost every mobile device. You can play it at the table in many Chili's restaurants across the USA. You can play a print version in over 50 newspapers or in our books. There's even an award-winning version for kids.

It takes many people to make all this happen, including 11 employees at Blue Ox plus well over a dozen puzzle writers. I give my heartfelt thanks to the entire 7 Little Words team.

But most of all, it's our fans that make all of this possible. So this month we present a special update to 7 Little Words as a way of thanking you and celebrating together.

We've created an all-new updated look for 7 Little Words. Months of hard work make this the best-looking and easiest-to-read version of our game yet. Also there's a new blue color theme that will make the game even more cheerful. Plus we have a new large print feature that will put an end to the squint.

I'm so excited to release this new update to 7 Little Words. Without a doubt, it's our best ever. Thank you so much for being a fan of 7 Little Words and for being a part of our family!


Christopher York
Blue Ox Technologies Ltd.