Our Legacy Apps

Throughout our journey, we have created a number of apps that we enjoyed – and were proud of – but for various reasons have had to be retired. These are some of our favorites.

Moxie2 Logo.png

Moxie 2

Released in June 2010, Moxie 2 built on the original word transformation game invented by Christopher and Velva York. Moxie 2 expanded the game board and offered new modes of play, including:

  • 64 letters (versus 52 in the original Moxie);
  • 6-letter words (versus a maximum of 5-letter words in the original Moxie);
  • Additional modes of play ("Daily Challenge" and "Moxieless");
  • "Undo" and "Letters Left" buttons.

Trivia Hound

Trivia Hound was a library of more than 5,000 trivia questions and answers in 115 categories including geography, history, sports, movies, music, TV and much more.

7LWK Logo.png

7 Little Words for Kids took word-finding fun on a journey through seven colorful worlds from Scuba-venture through Dino-World! As you solved the puzzles, you collected stars to unlock the next world. 7 Little Words for Kids used fewer and shorter words than the original game with simpler clues.

7LWA Logo.png

7 Little Words Adventures

7 Little Words Adventures was the easy, fun-for-all-ages version of our popular word game! Solve your way through these 7 fun, colorful adventures by collecting stars to unlock each vacation: Road Trip, Water Park, Ski Resort, Theme Park, Beach, National Park, and Cruise.


Super Quadra

Super Quadra had each player race the clock to complete 36 levels in a fast-paced variation of the classic matching game.