Exciting Changes in 7 Little Words 3.0

In the four years since we first offered 7 Little Words, we have worked hard to continuously add features that improve game play, make the game more fun, and meet the needs of our fans. We're proud to say that in our soon-to-be-released version 3.0, we feel we have created the best version yet!

Here are some elements you can expect to see in 7 Little Words 3.0:

  • Better legibility: we have adjusted the clue panel to make each line more distinct. In addition, you can now opt for a darker font for clues. Finally, with one tap you can now increase the size of the font for the clues and word chunk letters.
  • More color: We made it easier to change the colors, and we added a new, sky blue background (and we're not done...).

Regular Print

Large Print

We hope that you will find that these new features make the time you spend with 7 Little Words even more enjoyable, and we look forward to rolling out additional exciting features in the future!