It's a Colorful New 7 Little Words!

As 7 Little Words turns 8 years old (an eternity in the app world, and we are very grateful to you for that), it is time for a major refresh!

It’s still the game you know and love, but we have made the app much more colorful and streamlined. Changes include:

• Every pack now has a theme color and carefully chosen photo;
• All puzzle packs are now on a single page that scrolls in two directions;
• A new “On Sale” section will offer discounted puzzle packs;
• Hints are now available with a single tap;
• Correct answers are now registered automatically – no more Guess button;
• A “Next Puzzle” button allows you to move easily through a puzzle pack.

This new 7 Little Words version has been released for iOS on May 6, 2019, and is currently in development for Android.