It All Fits Together in Our Latest Puzzle App!

Do you like it when everything just fits together smoothly? Then you’ll enjoy the premise of Woven Words!

Woven Words puzzle grids contain a mix of tiles with letters and blank tiles. The puzzle player must find the right letters for the blank tiles so that every line spells a word both down and across. It may sound simple, but some of the puzzles are most definitely not easy! The app contains more than 500 of these unique crossword-ish, sort-of-like-word-Sudoku brain-twisters.

The free app includes 6 basic puzzles so you can get your feet wet – and then 12 more challenging puzzles to test your skills. In addition, over five hundred more puzzles are available for purchase. 

Woven Words is the second app that has been developed by a talented team (Alex Bond and Micah Zarnke) outside of Blue Ox, and they worked hard to make Woven Words fully accessible with VoiceOver. We’re excited to publish this little gem of a puzzler!