Blue Ox Says Goodbye to Some Classic Apps

After careful consideration, we have decided to streamline our offerings so we can focus on developing exciting new products. Regrettably, that means that Blue Ox is removing certain apps from different stores, including:

  • 7 Little Words from Windows and Windows Phone
  • 7 Petits Mots from all app stores
  • 7 Palabritas from all app stores
  • 7 Little Words Adventures from all app stores
  • Moxie Classic from Google Play and Amazon
  • Moxie 2 from all app stores
  • Red Herring from Mac, Windows and Windows Phone
  • Super Quadra from iTunes
  • Trivia Hound from all app stores

Of course, you can continue to use these apps if you have previously acquired them. Daily Puzzles in 7 Little Words, 7 Petits Mots, and Red Herring will continue to be available to you as long as the apps continue to work on your device.

While it's never easy to part with such meaningful (and fun!) elements of our legacy, we are excited about the opportunities ahead and invite you to stay tuned for our next adventure!