Play All 10,000+ Puzzles With New 7 Little Words All Access Pass!

Since we released 7 Little Words, many puzzle fans have asked about an option to play all the puzzles without having to buy packs individually.

We’re excited to say that with the release of 7 Little Words 4.0 that will now be possible! Our new All Access Pass option allows you to play every new, monthly pack as soon as it is released — plus all the puzzles (more than 10,000) that are already in the app. This new Pass also includes unlimited, free hints! You may choose from weekly, monthly, and annual All Access Pass options.

Choosing All Access Pass does not affect packs you have already purchased. Those will remain under “My Puzzles” in your app whether you continue with All Access Pass or not. In addition, puzzle fans still have the option of buying individual packs instead of All Access Pass.

Available now on iOS, 7 Little Words 4.0 with All Access Pass will soon be added to Android (Google Play and Amazon) as well.

With the release of All Access Pass, we are adding two new puzzle packs, "Whirlpools" and "Quills" — 100 new puzzles immediately available (at no additional charge) to All Access Passholders. The addition of these packs means that we now have more than 10,000 puzzles in the 7 Little Words app. We're very excited about this major milestone!