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June 2, 2010



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A truly original app for iOS, Moxie is a deceptively easy-to-learn word transformation game. It allows you to form words at your own pace from the letters that are individually presented. Though you don’t need a vocabulary the size of Webster’s dictionary, strategic thinking is a huge asset in building valuable words and avoiding the dreaded “Twaddle.”

Building on the original game, Moxie 2 expands the game board and offers new modes of play.


Moxie is a word transformation game invented in 2009 by Christopher and Velva York. The object is to create the greatest number – and value – of words possible as letters are presented one-by-one without breaking the word chain (an infraction known in Moxie as a “Twaddle”).

Moxie 2 adds exciting new features to the original game, including:

  • 64 letters — Each game consists of 64 individually presented letters versus 52 in the original Moxie;
  • 6-letter words — Creating 6-letter words is allowed versus a maximum of 5-letter words in the original Moxie;
  • Additional modes of play — Players can now choose to play the "Daily Challenge" or "Moxieless" modes in addition to the original "Animal," "Vegetable," and "Mineral" modes;
  • "Undo" and "Letters Left" — New buttons allow players to undo the previous move and check the list of remaining letters in the game.

As of April 30, 2013, Moxie 2 has been downloaded more than 192,000 times and over 9.7 million games have been played. Moxie 2 has received positive press from TUAWAppoliciousCommonsense Media, and others.


Moxie 2


Selected Reviews

  • "Older kids will love Moxie 2...a challenging word-based game"  – Erica SadunTUAW
  • "The game is…safe for kids to use…Moxie 2 is a real challenge.” – Jonathan LiuCommonsense Media


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